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There are only chosen excerpts of full lyrics in this section. Full lyrics you can find in the CD-Booklet.


Holy Children

Holy children will reach the grave
Holy children will stay there
Holy children will stay there forever

If you want to join them
Go ahead...

Liar /train to the grave/

Liar !

He's the liar!
Who's the liar?
From Eden's garden?

Strange Films /blinded/

How do you feel in depression
Inside your secret place?

Surprise of feeling, emotionality
A secret home again constructed the pain.


You Traitor!
You must watch over the human
You traitor!

Rest Of My Life

Human kind destroys the earth
My last chance in Father's hands

Angel Of Death

Malversation, terrorism
Breach of trust and your life

Blood guilty!

Right Hand Of God

You crazy cowards
Look in the eyes of God
Terrible awareness
Your life is nothing, flesh and blood

Love For A Moment

We love for a moment 
We are walkin' to the future
We love for a moment

...and human being


You must remember
This is game - it's for real
You must remember
That's time of the shadow

Bad Dream

Open your mind
The Day is coming!

New World Order

And when the time has come
People compare their powers
After that night there was morn
It was a new world order

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